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    Tableau beginner - Need assistance


           Ok, this may be an extremely noobish question but I am having a **** of time trying to figure this out. For each category (Friendly, Helpful, etc) there are three possible answers :Agree:Neutral:Disagree:. I'd like to have the answers to the questions be the three large columns and the descriptor category(Friendly, Helpful, etc) be the colored columns. See rudimentary pics for more explanation.


      Example of what the data looks like


      This is what I imagine it looking like. I have no idea if it's even possible. (Just mocked up pic in excel)



      Thanks for looking, and hopefully saving my sanity.

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          Akriti Lal

          Suppose you have Data as in the below xlsx



          When you connect your xlsx data from Tableau , after connecting you will get the below screen . Click on "Manage metadata" as shown in the screen below



          Thereafter you get the below screen , select on all the fields using "ctrl" and rt click and click on "pivot" ( see screen below )


          As a result you will get pivot field names and pivot field values as below ,




          Now go to your work sheet , put pivot field name and  pivot field values in columns and the number of records in Rows , to get the bar graph



          You can finally drag the pivot field names into color to get the visualization you are expecting. If this resolves the issue , mark this question as answered so that the question does not remain unanswered and is available to other users. Let me know if you still have any questions / concern.


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            Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me. You have saved me so much time and sanity.

            Thanks again.