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    Action Filter between summary and details




      I have the attached workbook that has a summary sheet of issues, and a detailed sheet of issues.


      I wanted the summary sheet to show the total points of the issues, and when the user clicks on that number, the details page filters accordingly to show only three issues (A, B, C).


      The problem here is that the action filter will not work if i don't put the issue Num on the detailed shelf on Summary page. IssueNum_not_on_detail_shelf.png

      If i put the the Issue Num on the shelf on summary page, the action filter will work correctly , but the summary sheet will be split into three records as shown below (which is not the desired output).



      Is there any way to get around this ?  showing the summary as 11 points, and click on it to filter the details sheet to only show A, B and C ?