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    Tableau Reader - Saved Filtered Selections

    Dan Quigg

      I have created a series of dashboards that I am providing using Tableau Reader. There are a number of cascading filters in these dashboards and it would be really helpful to allow the users to save instances of the filtered selection so they don't have to redo the same filters over and over again. Is there any other way to accomplish this?

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Dan,


          Using Tableau Reader, I do not believe there is a functionality like this.  I might suggest considering Tableau Online or Server for that sort of purpose because the filters can be set on the URL parameters when calling the viz.  If the data is public or available to be shared, you might even consider using Tableau Public. 


          I hope this helps. 



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            Imran Ahmed

            Hi Dan, I was having the same issue and I did find a solution for it. My dashboard users were asking to save certain values in different filters and make them as their default. That means, every time they navigate to this dashboard, they want to see only what they are interested in seeing and not what is selected by default. Here is how we were able to rectify it. I hope it helps you and others!


            1. Select certain values from filters that you want to choose as default for you and then click on 'View: Original' in the ribbon on Tableau Server.

            2. A popup will open, which would allow you to save selection. Enter the name of this view, check checkbox 'Make it my default' and hit button SAVE.

            3. Once completed, this will become your default dashboard. In future, whenever you navigate to this dashboard, you will see your selected default choices.


            I hope it helps!

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              Sanket Sinha

              Hi Dan,

              So I have the same problem like this and I can confidently tell you that there is no way your user using Tableau Reader can use the functionality of saving the workbook in the Reader itself after some selections and send it to other users using Tableau Reader.

              What alternative I would suggest you is that you should ask your users to take a screen shot of the dashboard after filter selection and then send it to the other users  and then those users can make the same selection in their dashboards in Tableau Reader.

              But if you are on a server side you can have the proper functionality of sending the dashboards with custom selections to other server users.

              Let me know if you have any query.