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    Applying all filters on Top N product set

    Asif Iqbal

      Hello Everyone,


      I am quite new to Tableau and just came into a situation.


      I have created a service desk dashboard where I put in Top 10 products (bubble chart) using Set by filtering top 10 against the number of incidents (tickets). But when I apply other filters on the dashboard, it shows me a few products (in fact only if the actual top 10 products are being used by the filtered dimension). I want to visualize the Top10 products filtered for each action I do on my dashboard.




      If I select a region, the bubble chart should reflect top10 products by the number of incidents in that selected region, rather than the top10 products (based on the total number of incidents) that are present in the selected region.



      Can any one guide me how to achieve this?


      Thank you in advance.



      Best regards,

      Asif Iqbal