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    Dynamic parameter, quick filter selection workaround?

    Nicole Lee

      This is more of a theoretical question, than a visual one.


      Basically, in order to benefit from Tableau as a customer reporting tool, users should not see every "group member" - they need only to see their own "group members". A filter or highlighter can achieve the goal of only seeing relevant values, but only a parameter can truly drive both types of interaction between multiple worksheets. Since the parameters are unchangeable, this is not a solution. It would be nice to use use a single filter and get that selection to drive a calculated highlight, but there's no real function to derive that. Are there any other ways of calculation to work around those limitations?


      If a sample workbook is needed, I'll fake some data if requested. Thanks in advance.

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          Joe Oppelt

          Have you tried "APPLY TO WORKSHEETS" for your filter?  When you do this, the values that get selected on sheet-1 are automatically selected on Sheet 2 as well.  (Assuming the same data source.)  And this feature works across dashboards if the sheets are on separate dashboards.  So you have the filter, apply it to other worksheets, and show only relevant.

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            Nicole Lee

            Thanks. I acknowledged that a filter can serve its single purpose of filtering relevant values. The problem lies in having a dashboard where you need a selection to filter one worksheet for one value, highlight a value on another worksheet without getting rid of the other values, and change the calculation on another sheet without changing the calculation of the other values. That can only be done with a parameter, and a parameter can only show one list of values.