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    Problem with overlapping sheets in a dashboard sheet selector

    Colin Weidig



      I'm trying to create a dashboard that has a map on the left side and a series of box and whisker plots on the right. The user can select which box and whisker plot they want to see with a sheet selector. The problem I'm running into is that when I add each sheet for the box and whisker plots, I can only select data for the most recent plot added to the dashboard (i.e., when I add a second plot, I can't select data on the first, when I add a fifth plot, I can't select data for plots one through four). All the sheets still show up when I use the sheet selector, but I can't select any data in them on the dashboard. If I go to the sheet for that particular box and whisker plot though I can select data and see values on the sheet.


      Any idea what could be causing this issue or how I can make it so the data on all the sheets can be selected?