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    Creating a Calculated Field Dependent on Filter Selection?

    Meko Gregory

      Good Morning,


      I've ran into a little hiccup. I am trying to figure out how to create a calculated field thats values can vary depending on a filter selection and based off of a percent parameter that I created. For an example, I currently have a parameter that uses 5-25% and changes the values of annual procedure costs (i.e. colonoscopy, hysterectomy, etc.) depending on whether there is a 5 or 10% savings (so it is dependent on the parameter slider). I now want to create another slider that can change these values, but based on filter selection. Say someone just wants to know how much they can save if they only cut back 5% on hysterectomy, but keep the usual annual spending of other procedures the same, therefore, only hysterectomy should change. Right now, if I choose 5%, it changes ALL of the procedures. How can I change this so that it is dependent ONLY on the filter selection (coined procedure)? I also was wondering if it was possible to also do this by multiple selection (i.e. hysterectomy and bariatric, but leaving colonoscopy the same).


      I hope that this was clear and wasn't confusing. I am having issues trying to explain the issue!


      Thank you.