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    Custom Subtotals Calculation


      I’ve tried various LOD expressions and table calcs but I’m unable to find a solution.


      I’m trying to create a custom subtotal (sum of the weighted averages) for the YTM column.   I want the subtotals for TSP and TAC to remain as sums.


      Below is an example - I would like the subtotal in the Yield to Maturity field to be 0.40 while the row level values for the YTM do not change.  The row level weighted averages are calculated as follows:  TSP/SUM(TSP)*YTM (e.g. the weighted average for SecA is (30,000,000/48,709,000*0.4 = 0.25)).


      Sample workbook is attached.


      Thank you for any help or hints.

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          Siraj Alimohamed

          Hello Brian,


          Unfortunately I do not think you can have different types of aggregations for individual columns for the Total. Maybe you can, if you are able to do it - I'd also love to know how to...


          In the absence of that solution would it help if you created two worksheets and kept them side by side on a dashboard?