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    How to adjust week number

    Duong Vu

      Dear all

      I have issue when I show week number .

      as you know that Week 1 of 2016 is 01 ~ 02 Jan '16 . From 03 ~  is Week 2.

      but in our company system count : from 03 ~ is week 1, show that week number in tableau is Week 40, but our company's system is 39.

      So I want to change week number in tableau for same company's system.

      Everybody help me , ^^


      thank so much.

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          Hi Duong,


          Do u have any week Start ? If yes, please try the below. Right on the Data Source and change them.


          Else you need to edit your Week to show one week lesser. Like a calculated Field containing the below


          if (DATEPART('week', [Date]) - 1) = 0 then

          "Week  " + str(DATEPART('week', dateadd('week',-1,[Date])) )


          "Week  " + str(DATEPART('week', [Date]) - 1)




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            Duong Vu

            Dear Mr. Rasa

            Thank so much your information.

            but i want change something :


            if (DATEPART('week', [Date]) - 1) = 0 then      // if date is week 1 ( in tableau)

            "Week  " + str(DATEPART('week', [Date]) )     // display Week 1

            else                                                                   // if date is from week 2

            "Week  " + str(DATEPART('week', [Date]) - 1)  // display week current -1.



            so that Week 1 (display) = Week 1 & 2 ( in tableau)


            How do u think ?


            when i apply this, i see it is correct.

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              Yeah Duong, I was planning the same to display week 1 & 2 as week 1. But just tried to show a week earlier.


              If you want it this way, yes above formula is right.

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                Duong Vu

                Dear Mr. Rasa

                now I have issue :

                when we use table data , it is OK,

                but I can't apply graph , tableau not support graph when u use time for this calculate.

                I already try to change "week" calculate to date , but it can't.


                Can u support me

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                  Hi Duong,


                  Your formula takes Data part i.e week and makes it a String.


                  So you should not really change it to Date.


                  May I know what graph/chart you are trying ? Can you share a screenshot of the expected chart?

                  Can you share the Workbook in twbx file?(Sample or fake data is fine)

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                    Duong Vu

                    Dear Mr. Raza

                    sorry reply you later, because I can't upload any file to internet. (security of company)

                    but I already find 1 way is very easy.

                    no nee make calculate ...

                    now u make is normal, u bring dimensions [Date] into columns

                    after u double kick to dimensions [Date] in area columns.

                    it will display : DATERUNC('week',[Date]) , u revise like this : DATERUNC('week',[Date])-1

                    and result is correct & everything I normal , u no need do anymore .

                    How do u think ?


                    thank & best regard.