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    csv file data sources

    Aya Elzarka

      I have a couple of csv files that I want to combine and design a dashboard for. Now although I read that these are the simplest data sources to deal with, I have several problems stopping me from connecting to them to start my analysis:


      1- why cannot I use the data interpreter for csv file like an excel file? I do not have freedom to edit it like an excel file!

      2- whether I connect to live or extract and once I connect to the second file as a new data source, the query request starts running without end. So I am not able to connect several csv files. note: they do not contain large data!

      3- what if these files all share most column headers, so basically I want to add rows to each other to form one large table, but still keep non shared columns.


      I would be grateful for any help.


      Thank you

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          1. Unfortunately, Data Interpreter is not something available yet for Text files

          2. By "connect" - do you mean "join"? If yes - then my guess that you need to verify what columns you are joining on as you are probably producing a huge cross-product which generates a LOT of rows hence the never-ending queries

          3. Sounds like you can use Union feature. It can "add rows" putting same columns together and still keeping unmatched ones. See example below:


          Untitled-1.txt has columns ColA, ColB and ColC

          Untitled-2.txt has columns ColA, ColB and ColD


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            Aya Elzarka

            Thank you Dmitry:


            2- I connect Tableau to first any one of the files in the folder. Then, the rest appear left as tables, so if I try to drag anyone of them to join it to the first, the query starts without ending and I have to shut down the computer. So I mean I am not able to open several of them at once in Tableau to connect them in someway either join, cross join or blend.


            3- Both "union all" in join choices and "New Union" on the left are not activated, is it just because I am working on a trial?

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              Dmitry Chirkov

              Can you show me a Tableau screenshot of when "query starts without ending"?

              Trial is not reducing Tableau's functionality so it's not that.

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                Aya Elzarka

                Hello Dmitry,


                Here is the case I get when I start to drag another file from the left files to the to join them. Note the 'New Union' deactivated..


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                  Dmitry Chirkov

                  It's not deactivated.

                  You have to either double-click it or drag into the join are just like any other table.


                  Join won't work for you because it's producing WAAAAY to many rows (since it is incorrect to join such type of data).


                  Simple way to join is to pick up other file (or multiple files) and drag them into orange-red area. It'll show up once you start dragging.

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                    Aya Elzarka

                    OK this is the way I try to join (by dragging).


                    But I need to join them by a union all join (to add rows below each other from different files) ; they share many column headers..


                    Anyway the problem of query is happening even when I try to click "add" for a cross database join or even "new data source" for a blend. So basically I am not able to start working with the files in any way.


                    Thank you

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                      Dmitry Chirkov

                      Are you at this state?

                      No joins, just UNIONed files.

                      If yes - how many files are in the union? How big are they (in KB or/and in rows)?

                      Is it able to display data for single file?

                      Is it able to display data two UNIONed file?


                      Perhaps it's time to file a support request? They'd be able to assist you in much more professional way.