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    Progression of Line Graph using Pages. Is this possible?

    Clayton Chapman



      So, I saw a graph the other day when i was looking at F1 statistics: http://bl.ocks.org/cpudney/raw/1509502/


      And I really like this graph idea, of the line charts going up and down showing you position lap by lap. But I think this chart in particular has a good use case for some of the gamification stats that my company uses and I'd like to make it more visual by using Tableaus "Pages" to allow people to start from the beginning and then "hit play" on the pages tool and then watch the line chart slowly populate across the graph.


      I've tried making this, but the only issue is that I can't get the data points connect using a line, instead it just shows marks for each individual lap (dimension). I've attached a workbook showing what my initial idea, but I'm wondering if anyone on here happens to know how to make something like this possible, either using pages or not.