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    Filter - Previous day

    Vishal D

      I have a field 'Report Date' from the datasource.


      In the worksheet I want to filter the data for 'Report Date' = todays date -1 (previous date)


      How can I create this filter? Do I create a calculated field or directly right filter logic in filters pane/mark?

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          Ivan Young

          Hi Vishal,

          You can try something like the formula below.  Drag to filters and set to True.



          [ReportDate] = DATEADD('day',-1,TODAY())

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            Dhanashree Arole



            It entirely depends on your preference.


            One of the ways is to use RELATIVE option that lets you pick PREVIOUS DAY and anchor it relative to desired day.



            This is an advanced feature that will pop out when you drag your dimension Report Date to Filter section. Be careful to choose Relative and then configure rest of the settings per your requirement.


            It's fun to create reports that can be anchored for batches depending on LAST and NEXT days values.






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