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    Conditional Filtering

    Lauren Blumberger



      I am relatively new to Tableau and think I need to create a parameter as a solution but can't seem to execute it.


      I have a dashboard with sheets 1, 2 and 3. When I select sheet 1 it is filtering sheet 3 based on a separate dimension. The separate dimension is Boolean, so it is filtering for 0. I want to be able to select records from sheet 2 to filter sheet 3 as well, using the same dimension but filtering for 1.


      I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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          Vincent Baumel

          Thanks for reaching out on the forums, Lauren!


          What will help (me, at least) is a bit more specific idea of the data you're trying to present. Could you post a workbook or mockup using Superstore? Even describing a use case with specifics would help. There may be a really simple way to get you on the right track!

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            Joe Oppelt

            Are you saying you want to end up with Sheet 3 filtered so that there are some rows with value=1 based on what's happening in Sheet 2, and also have some rows with value=0 based on what's happening in Sheet 1?


            What do you want to do on Sheet 3 when there are conflicts caused by Sheets 1 and 2?


            And how are you expecting to have the user modify both Sheet 1 AND Sheet 2 and then have it reflected in Sheet 3.  (All three on one dashboard, for example?)


            A sample workbook would be really helpful here so that we can all be talking about the same things, specific to the example.

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              Lauren Blumberger

              Thanks a lot for the input. I do see how my question was too vague, as I cannot post my workbook publicly. I managed to get to the solution I wanted by filtering on a calculated field in the third sheet.