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    Sorting Option in text tabel

    Eshwar Prasad

      Hi Team,


      i have created one text table with with more than 8 columns. view is like below. But sorting is happening properly. You can see in the below screen shot order is sorted besed on Sales. but it didn't happen. i just want each order id should be sorted based on sales in each ship mode block internally.


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          Hi Eshwar,


          Quick suggestion is to use Sort on all the dimensions before the Sales Column. It worked for me.


          You too try it.


          If its not working, then we need to try using rank to order it.

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            Michael Hesser

            Hi Eshwar;


            I think the problem here is that since your Sales is currently a measure, it will only be sorted once all your other Dimensions-- including [Order ID]-- have been sorted. We need to work out a way to tell Tableau to sort it before [Order ID].


            If Rasa Raza's suggestion does not work, try this option:


            • Create a copy of your [Sales] measure.
            • Convert it to a Dimension
            • Drop the new dimension onto your rows between [Ship Mode] and [Order ID]
            • Sort it to Descending
            • Unclick the "Show Header" to hide the field


            Note: this copy/hiding is just to preserve the look of your document. If you are happy with Sum(Sales) appearing before [Order ID], turn it into a dimension, move it before [Order ID], and sort



            Good Luck!  --Michael