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    Embedding Views Into An Application

    Chris Kimberley



      I have a a web-based application written in Java (zk front end), and am curious as to how dynamic Tableau is when embedding reports.


      Can the application pass variables to Tableau, so that the reports will adhere to certain criteria?  For example, if an end user is logged into the website they have the option to load a project.  Any report, once a project is loaded, would have to filter the data based on that project ID.


      This would ensure that our users cannot view information within projects they don't have access to.


      Is this possible?




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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Chris -


          All of this is possible. You can pass parameters into embedded vizzes on the querystring or via the JavaScript API. Google "Tableau Embedding" and you should find pretty much all you need.


          FYI, it is not a good idea to secure data in Tableau by passing something in at runtime: There are too many ways a technique like that can "go wrong" and either reveal project ids themselves, and/or allow someone to get in the middle and plug different IDs to see stuff they shouldn't. High level guidance - don't do this.


          Instead, investigate Tableau's built-in Row Level Security. Your user will actually authenticate against Tableau Server using one of our SSO mechanisms, and then everything from there is "automagic".


          Hope this helps.