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    Histogram of calculated medians?

    Lisa Kessler

      Hi all:

      I have a dataset where I have clients with multiple amounts of sales, so I created a variable showing the median per person. However, I would like to create a histogram of these calculated medians. Is this possible?

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          Benjamin Greene

          I assume your calculated field is something along the lines of {FIXED [Client] : MEDIAN([Sales])}. Is that correct?


          If so, you can right-click that field and select Create>Bins and then click OK. Then you can drag the ensuing auto-generated Median (bin) Dimension to Columns and SUM(Number of Records) to Rows. And if you want to edit the size of each bin, you can right click the Median (bin) field and change that. You can also drag it to Filters to only show a portion of the Histogram.