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    Can I do Like or In Clause in Tableau.?How to handle columns with delimited values ?

    Saket Dabi

      Hello I have data in Portfolio-Project hierarchy coming as


      Project ID
      Start Date
      End Date
      Portfolio Dependencies
      EastCoffee Shops1231/1/201612/1/2016South, North
      WestReal Estate7891/1/20168/1/2016


      Desired Outcome would be , when user select a portfolio , it shows all the projects and also dependent projects from dependent portfolio  


      Select - South - on filter

      PortfolioProjectProject IDStart DateEnd Date
      EastCoffee shops1231/1/201612/1/2016



      The data is coming on a schedule as a excel sheet in a share folder and no calculation/operation can be done on it


      ---Please help