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    Using Tableau Calc Results in Other Calculations

    Meghan Kyle

      Hi Everyone,


      I am having a hard time figuring out how to use tableau calc results in other calculations.  I want to use an approach that doesn't involve me tweaking my model. I really want to find a way to resolve this within Tableau.


      I've put together a sample set of data and a step by approach outlining what I need. 


      Closing BalanceNew Customer $Running Total New CustomerDifference
      FY 2015Q1150,00050005000145,000



      Step 1: I have determined the Closing Balance value by quarter


      Step 2: I have determined of the Closing Balance what portion is contributed to New Customers


      Step 3: I have created a table calculation : Running Total New Customers at the Level of Fiscal Quarter


      Step 4 [WHAT I CAN'T FIGURE OUT]:  I now need to take the Difference between Closing Balance and the Running Total New Customer. 


      I thought another table calculation might achieve this by doing Difference > Across but this option is not available....


      Any thoughts on how to achieve this?