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    Creating Views from Data connections or any other method in Tableau 9.3

    Vidu Tanksale

      I am trying to build View (table) using Custom SQL or any other method in Tableau 9.3; I have table which has following fields in the same sequence:

      1. Category Name
      2. Initial Start Date (Month/Date/Year)
      3. Initial End Date (Month/Date/Year)
      4. Intermediate Start Date (Month/Date/Year)
      5. Intermediate End Date (Month/Date/Year)
      6. Final Start Date (Month/Date/Year)
      7. Final End Date (Month/Date/Year)


      I am trying to build view as listed below:


      • Category Name
      • Category Type (depending on above field labels, values are “Initial”, “Intermediate”,” Final”)
      • Start Date (Start   date from above fields 2,4,6 based on Category Type)
      • End Date (End date from above  fields 3,5,7 based on Category Type)


      Any suggestions? I don’t think I can use “calculated fields”