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    Filtering Data with Subsets and Parameters

    d w

      Hello Everyone!


      I have been attempting to finagle this table to produce the correct data for about 4.5 hours now and I have ran out of ideas...


      Goal: To produce a table that can be filtered by Top or Bottom 10 customers by revenue for the entire year or any of the quarters.


      Issue: The filters are only pulling the specific customers in the Top or Bottom 10 for overall revenue so when a quarter is selected and a new customer should be introduced into the list they are now showing on the table. Also even though I omitted the null values in my Customer ID subset the, the Top and Bottom Subsets are not following this standard so the Top 10 was only pulling 9 because one was a null... (so I changed it to pull 11 since my ranking filter will only allow 10).


      Currently, I am using an Index to rank the customer by revenue, subsets to distinguish between the Top 10 and Bottom 10 customers by revenue, a calculated field to combine the two subsets so they are no longer boolean values, a subset to eliminate the nulls in the Customer ID dimension, and of course the quarter filter.


      I have tried using a parameter for the Top and Bottom 10 but the booleans are not accepted so the calculated field was a work around. I also had a parameter for the Quarters but I could not get the "All" for the entire year values to show so I just chose to do it as a filter.


      I have a feeling that I may be able to use a parameter to simplify things and end the filter battle that seems to overriding each other or adjust some calculations. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.