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    Filtered view on top of LOD without having the Dimension as a detail

    paul kessels

      I'm struggling to achieve the following.


      I'm using LOD to count customers at the level of "customer name" and "country". This works fine and shouldn't change.


      However, I now want to create a filtered view over the data without filtering out the underlying data.

      I believe the way to do this is by using Table Calculations (since they don't filter out any data from the dashboard).


      When I do that, I can't get a sum, but need to add the dimensions as a detail in the marks view. As a result it breaks-out my number into multiple numbers in the view, which is not what I want.


      Could someone have a look at the attached workbook and help me out? I'm pretty sure this must be pretty straight forward. The real workbook is much more complex but the base principle / goal is the same:


      - Unique Customer count (customer/country) = 5. This number always stays the same. When not applying filters, I just want to show '5'.

      - When filtering on Region 'USA', I just want to show '3'.

      - When filtering on segment 'Medium', I just want to show '2'

      - etc.