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    Error upgrading 9.2.3 to 10.0.1: coordination service is not available

    Glauber Ribeiro

      I'm having a repeatable problem trying to upgrade a Tableau Server 9.2.3 single server installation to 10.0.1. I consistently get this error, immediately after OK-ing the Tableau Configuration dialogue:


      "Worker initialization failed. See the tabadmin.log for details."


      Tabadmin.log has: "Error: Coordination Service is not available"


      Has anybody here seen this?


      Since this is a VM, I can snapshot and go back and try different things. Both these failed the same way:

      • 9.2.3 -> 9.3.0
      • 9.2.3 -> 10.0.0


      It feels like something gets messed up in the configuration and zookeeper (the coordination service) is not installed.


      What does work is installing 10.0.1 from scratch (rename Tableau directory before installing), then restoring the backup from 9.2.3. That surprised me - I thought restoring the backup would cause the problem to happen.


      The only reason this is important to us, is because this is a small system, and the first of four that will be upgraded. I would like to understand the problem before I have, potentially, to deal with it on one of our larger server clusters.


      I have contacted Tableau Server, but haven't heard back from them in a couple of days (not unusual), so I thought I'd ask here too.


      Any ideas why this happens and how I can prevent it?