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    Date Filter Click to Months

    Dee Scott

      I am wrestling with a issue which I just can't seem to solve.


      I have very simple data, where I have a number of metrics, each of which has just one value per month. My datasource is Excel which cannot cope with date values without a date value. Thus my single set of values for May 2015 are given the date 01/05/2015, June is 01/06/2015 etc.


      I want my users to be able to filter by date, but no matter what I do, I end up with a slider which A) allows users to stop at any date... which means if they select anything between 01/06/2015 and 30/05/2015 they get the same result B) for some reason is a month out, so when my slider shows as starting at "June 2015" the first figure I see is for July 2015.


      My ideal result would be a slider which allows users to select months, to effectively "snap" to months... and that the months shown would actually be the ones sown in my Vis.


      This will hopefully make more sense when you see the sample workbook I have put together.


      Tableau Public


      Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am not averse to using a different date format in Excel if it would help.