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    How best to display this data?

    Allan Marcus

      Tableau has limited visualizations built in based not he premiss that there are "good" ways to visualize data, and there are less than good ways. The pie chart is a good example of a vis that van be horribly misused.


      I need to display data that Qlik can easily display as a gauge. Since Tableau doesn't have a gauge visualization option built-in, what would those that have a good feel for best ways to display data recommend as a the best way to display data.


      For example, we have 6 goals we are trying to achieve. Each can be boiled down to single numeric index, say a percentage. In each case there a threshold for Poor, Average, and Good, and we want to display the 6 metrics on a since page (either a single worksheet or a dashboard) that shows the metric against the thresholds.


      For threshold examples, just thing < 33% bad, <66%medium, > 67% good.

      For values, just pick percentages at random. Doesn't matter.


      How would you present this information to your CEO?