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    Why 102 rows max per data source?

    Eric Thibeault



      I have data sources that has about 10000 rows and I only get 102 rows of them.  What is the reason why I can't see all my data?


      In my graph (daily raw data that I lay as a line graph), the data stops at an earlier date than today.  To troubleshoot, I went to my data source tab and saw the 102 rows at the top right of the preview table.  I tried to change that value higher than 102 but it goes back to 102.  If I change it lower than 102 (let say 101), it stays at that new number!


      Thanks for your help

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          [9/30 UPDATE]

          Eric is hitting a Tableau bug that was already on developer's plate - Tableau is not refreshing Excel's named range definitions so if you already using a named range in your datasource and later modify it (size/location) then Tableau won't pick up that change.

          Workaround: create new range or rename existing range and use that in the datasource.



          Seems like 102 rows is really what you get back from the source.


          Couple of questions so we can solve this mystery:

          1. What are you connecting to?
          2. Are you joining any tables?
          3. Do you have any datasource filters applied?
          4. Which tool(s) do you use to look at raw data?
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            Eric Thibeault



            I can confirm you that I have a lot more than those 102 rows in my data source.  Here are the responses from your questions:


            1. Excel data ranges
              1. All my static data ranges are visible in Tableau
              2. In Excel, my data ranges go from cells A:1 to cells D:15000
              3. For one of my datasource (from excel), the way the breakdown of my data is done gives me less categories per day so, for that same 102 rows in Tableau, I get more days than one other datasource.  But both of them don't go as far in Tableau than they go in Excel.
            2. Not joining any table
            3. No datasource filter applied
            4. Excel, and I confirm my data ranges in the Name manager, I click on the named range that I see in Tableau) and select the button to see what is the range used and I confirm you that the named range goes way beyond then 102 rows I get in Tableau.
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              Dmitry Chirkov

              So in Tableau you select Excel range ("green cells with tag" icon), correct?

              Do you use Data Interpreter?

              Any chance you can share your Excel file (privately perhaps)?


              Also, those 102 rows that you do see - what's their relative position in your Excel file? Are these first 102 rows or just some random rows?

              Can you click "View Data" icon for your range? Do you see more rows there?

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                Eric Thibeault

                Hi again,


                Well, I haven't tough of the "view data" button for my troubleshooting.  Thanks for telling me this option.


                Why this view (from "view data" button) I can see ALL my data.  So now, why my worksheet doesn't seem to be tied to the actual data, but only to the "preview" data that has less info?



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                  Dmitry Chirkov

                  Could you quickly try Data > Refresh Data Source option for me, please?

                  And you are 100% sure you have no datasource filters applied, correct?


                  Also, if you add "Number of Records" to an empty viz - do you get 102 as well?

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                    Eric Thibeault

                    Really weird, I just refreshed the data and now, even in view data mode, I only see 102 rows.


                    Plus, I created a new Tableau file, connected the same data source, and saw all the rows, even in the preview pane.


                    I also connected that same data source as a new one on my original file and there I only get 102 rows!


                    I checked 3 times and I target the same file each time.


                    You have to know that on my problematic original file, I have about 10 data sources in order to be able to work with all my data range (from Excel) without having to join them together (I can't join them).


                    Also, that file is a template, when I want to work on another source, I save as that tableau file, open the new tableau file in notepad++ (xml) and change all the path for the connections.  Knowing that it's a xml file, I checked and I haven't seen any place where there's a max 102 rows or something like that.


                    Retried with another file (excel data raw) on the same template and I only get 102 rows even if it's not the same values, it stops at 102, when I'm on my original file or a saved as file from this one.

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                      Dmitry Chirkov

                      To rule something out, could you connect to your file with Legacy connector for me?

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                        Eric Thibeault

                        Hello, just tried what you asked (legacy).


                        Got an error (even on a brand new Tableau file):


                        • Visit http://www.tableau.com/drivers to download driver setup files.
                        • Database error 0x80040154: Class not registered
                        • Unable to connect to the Microsoft Excel file "C:\Users\z87163\Desktop\Tableau attempts\0019 v9\BNC Reports - Target Activities -- 0019 (v9).xlsx". Check that you have access privileges for the requested file and that it is not open in another application.


                        Also, files that I've created earlier to the file in question, had more than 102 rows, if I view data in Tableau I see more than 102 rows.  But after refreshing the data source, all data sources goes to 102 rows max even if I didn't touch the Excel file.


                        The earlier file from which I tried that, I haven't opened it in notepad++ to change the path (so this clears out the possibility that opening the file in another program than Tableau could "corrupt" something).


                        Could I send you one excel file and one tableau file to check (I'll be glad to do so) or you want me to troubleshoot other things?


                        Thanks Dimitry

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                          Dmitry Chirkov

                          Sure, feel free to send it to me at {}. I'll be able to troubleshoot this much faster with the file.


                          As for Legacy connectors - looks like you don't have Microsoft Office installed so you are missing a driver that you can download from here: Download Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable from Official Microsoft Download Center

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                            Eric Thibeault

                            Just to let this thread alive, it seems that there is a bug in Tableau concerning Excel named ranges and that is the reason why I have this problem.  The dev team is working on it.


                            If somebody have this problem, the solution is: modify your named ranges in Excel and update the data sources in Tableau.  For my part, I badly need the fix since it affects my day to day job productivity.