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    Hidden visualizations still being computed?

    Lance Dacey

      I have an dashboard which is connected to a large data set (which is a Tableau Extract) and it is granular because people want to see 3 months of per employee data per sub-projects with a lot of dimensions to drill down with.


      The way I have it set up is with action filters (I added most of them to Context). If you click on a dimension it will change all other tables on the view to reflect that dimension. There are 3 sets of metrics as well (so 3 tables for each dimension you see below but they are hidden unless the user selects a drop down, for example, they can select Financial Performance and it will replace all of the tables with financial metrics, or they can select Productivity Performance and those tables will be replaced Creating a Sheet Selector for a Dashboard | Tableau Software )


      • Client Type
      • Region/Country (so you can click on USA and all of the data for the other tables will only reflect locations/clients/employees from the USA)
      • Location
      • Project (I have a filter for Top N set to Top 10 by default)


      Then I have a filter which hides/shows Manager and Employee level data. I have it set to Hide by default and the purpose is to do your filtering first, then click Show Employee Level.


      • Manager
      • Employee


      I have separate hidden sheets which have a Dynamic Date column so a user can select a filter to Show Time Series and it will replace the table with one with time series data and they can select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly. This filter applies to the Manager, Employee, and Project tables. I used the same process from the Creating a Sheet Selector article.


      I notice that when I change a filter from say, This Month, to the Last 3 Months, that Tableau is calculating visualizations for things which are hidden. I specifically noticed it was calculating for Time Series Manager Level which was hidden at the time. Is there a way to prevent this? I only want to calculate views which are actually being seen at the time. Is there a way to hide things better?


      I know this is not an ideal dashboard because it is showing a lot of information, so I am trying to be as clever as possible with filtering and hiding things.