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    Turn date dimension into relative references

    Samuel Gee

      That title is probably worded terribly, I'm sorry.


      We have tons of products, as in the attached workbook, which are released on different dates into the market. So a list of x products will have - as in the view - lots of empty space in any viz where there's a date dimension in the columns shelf.


      What I very frequently have to do is compare or average out the Week 1 of sales for all products, or the week 8. Or build a decay curve of sales for the first 52 weeks, or so on.


      Currently I export from Tableau to Excel, delete the empty cells in the table and shift all the data to the left. That means the first column of sales after the title name is Week 1, the second column is every product's Week 2, etc.


      Is there a way of achieving this in Tableau? With the first week of sales for each product in the first column of the view, regardless of when that product was released?


      All thoughts appreciated! There's also a release date field in the actual data but not the attached file, where the release date for each title == the W/C value for the first week of sales for that title. If that would be useful for any solution I can add it into the twbx.


      Thanks very much,





      NB: Second request: it would be enormously helpful if this could be achieved with calculated fields and not table calculations, as ideally I'd be able to do the same for product categories and sub-categories without needing to have the (thousands and thousands) of products in the view.