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    Possible to auto update parameters with data refresh on Tableau server and show most current data date with scroll to access past dates

    Bhavana Gallewale


      have 2 questions:


      1. is this feature of auto-updating parameters with data refresh on Tableau server available in 10.0 Tableau version?


      Alteryx server updates Tableau server extracts which is the source for all my Tableau server dashboards. However in the absence of parameter auto update with data refresh, manual intervention is needed every time, which takes away from automation.


      is there an alternative way to do this?


      2. When the data is refreshed on the server, whether with parameters or with quick filters, dashboards show the default date to be the date when it was last uploaded on the server. Is there a way to adjust this to reflect the most recent available data date without manually updating it on the desktop and relaunching it?


      any help will be greatly appreciated.