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    Highlighting a single bar in bar chart.

    Archana Dash

      Hi all,

      I have a requirement for a aircraft data and i need to calculate the average total for all the sub conditions there basing on which i need to declare the best and worst aircrafts.Orange bars are the one i am talking about.




      less average total time=Best aircraft

      More average total time=Worst aircraft


      Can i show it on that total bar by some color coding or any other way..

      Please suggest.Attaching the view here.





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          Lisa Li

          Hey Archana,


          Couple of things:

          1. If you're trying to only highlight the avg total for all of the sub conditions, you can click on Colors in the marks card, edit colors, and make Avg. Total a distinct color and the rest gray.

          2. If you're trying to color the bars based on its performance (best or worst aircraft), you can create a calculated field comparing [Avg. Total] with window_max([Avg. Total]).

                    if [Avg. Total] = window_max([Avg. Total] then "Worst" end

               (Make sure you're calculating across the table, or however is relevant for your data). You can then color by this calculated field. This logic can also be rewritten to rank Avg. Total and color the entire spectrum of aircraft names from best to worst. This solution will color all the bars specific to an aircraft name.

          3. if you're trying to achieve both of the solutions above at the same time, I'm not sure if that is possible based off of how your data appears to be structured.


          And alternative solution is to only show the Avg. Total and have the sub conditions in the tooltip. This way, you can easily color based off of the Avg. Total alone.


          Hope this helps!


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