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    Churn Lapsed Customer in Tableau using previous_value

    Sumesh Kewlani

      Hi Team,

      I am new at the community and your help will be sincerely appreciated.

      Attached is the xls file showing logic of the customer status and Tableau file.

      I have encountered 2 problems with the current logic I am using -

      1. Using Previous_value Tableau ignores Account Status of the customer of the previous years.

      eg. Brad Norvell was "New" customer in December 2012. However, if we filtered the data to show 2013 and 2014 only then Brad Norvell will show as "New Customer" as of January 2013.

      2. I am unable to do count of customers by each Account Status by Month by year.


      I look forward to your help.

      Please note tableau version used is 9.3.7 and I have used Orders (Sample - APAC Superstore) for this.