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    Dual Axis on Dashboard itself

    Sherzodbek Ibragimov

      Hello Tableau Experts!

      This time, I have another problem of using dual axis. The problem is if I use two graphs (one bar and second circle) as the dual axis that will filter one graph but doesn't filter second graph, then i am getting totally different numbers in the same worksheet unless I set a relationship which will make both graphs to change simultaneously. Also, if I create two different graphs in separate worksheets and display them in a dashboard it works perfectly by filtering one graph and other graph stays unchanged. Now, I have a question whether it is possible to do a dual axis trick in dashboard itself? Alternatively, how i can make it to work it if it is not possible in dashboard itself. Thank you ! David Li, Shawn Wallwork, Jonathan Drummey, Yuriy Fal


      PS: I was able to achieve this result before in different data structure, but i couldn't achieve on this one particularly.