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    Weekly Trend with Line Chart with Last()

    Diogo Braga

      I want to show a line trend connecting the dots. I have done this before by changing the date field to Continuous. Because I am using a set with daily data to display only one day of the each week it's more challenging than usual.





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          David Li

          Hi again, Diogo! Now that I look at your workbook again, I realize that the last solution I gave you (with LAST) was more complicated than it needed to be. Sorry about that! For some reason, I thought you were going to do some kind of cross-day aggregation like an average, which is why I suggested that.


          An even easier solution is to filter in only Fridays using DATEPART(). Here's the formula for the filter:

          DATEPART('weekday', [Date])=6

          With that in the filters shelf (= TRUE), you can just drop the date as a continuous measure into the columns shelf.

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