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    Missing Boolean label


      Hello! Can someone tell me why sometimes I get the Boolean data type option and other times I don't? Here's what I'm seeing:


      9-28 boolean.png   boolean two.png  boolean three.png

      *In the first picture I have no Boolean fields in the connected data, but I get the Boolean option.

      *In the second, this is a Boolean field, but I don't get the Boolean option. (I guess because it already is one? I'd just like to demo to students how Booleans are automatically recognized in Tableau and listed just like any other data type.)

      *Finally, the third picture is part of the connected data that has the actual Boolean option, but, as you can see, there is no Boolean in the data type list (like the first pic, which is from a different data source)



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          Hello Heather,


          I tested and got different results.


          First: the same as yours.

          Second: more options than yours.

          Third: more options than yours.


          May I know your Desktop version?


          If possible please also attach a workbook or sample data for further investigation.




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                Thanks for your prompt response! I am using 9.3.0 and will not be able to upgrade at this time.

                I attached the workbook; the Training Data data source has the Boolean field. The second and third screenshots were grabbed from this data source.


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              Hello HEATHER,


              I confirm the data type convention menu with your Access data source.


              It seems that, the data type convention menu differs according to data source type.


              In case of Excel files and original fields (caculated fields excluded),

              for fields currently with data type Date & Time or Date, "Geographic Role" is not shown.

              for fields currently with other data types, the menu is the same as follows.



              Number (decimal)

              Number (whole)

              Date & Time







              Geographic Role



              In case of Access database,

              I see the same menu as your screenshots.


              Quite insteresting

              I guess that it has something to do with data source connector.

              Here is a referece link, Resolving Incorrect Data Type Issues Related to Jet | Tableau Software

              For more details, you'd better open a support case.