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    Customize Parameter: Why is that "Show readout" option in parameters needs to be selected every time tableau workbook is opened

    Jeeson Thekkekara

      Steps followed.


      1. I have created a parameter "Risk rank" And has used it in dashboard. I have opted to view "Readout" and "Button" along with slider. I could see the parameter option as below.


      2. The tableau file is saved as workbook.

      3. Close the tableau workbook.

      3. Reopen the tableau workbook on tableau desktop. As show in the picture below 'Readout" and "Button" option is now not visible in dashboard.


      4. I have to now manually select "Show readout" and "Show buttons" option every time open the workbook.

      5. How can i fix this problem.


      Regards, Jeeson

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