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    Critique my latest public viz

    Ryan Rowland



      I'd appreciate if you guys could look at my latest public viz and offer any advice/suggestions/critique.


      I recently spent a bit of time scraping data from the Fantasy Premier League website and building a dashboard using that data.


      There's various stats you can choose to measure along each axis and you can filter based on several different criteria (team/position/status/price/ownership/mins played) which should hopefully help you in some key transfer decisions.  


      There's also a player comparison tool which allows you to select 2 players and directly compare their stats, game history and fixtures.


      It's not quire finished yet as I have a few ideas for stuff I'd like to add but it's in a place where I feel it's useful so thought I'd share.


      Anyway - check it out and let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions/ideas for improvements.  




      Note the data was refreshed yesterday so the prices may be a bit out of date. I'll be aiming to refresh the data twice a week (manual process) to keep it as up-to-date as possible.


      TL;DR - dynamic FPL player statistic graphs  

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          Luciano Vasconcelos

          It's cool but i noticed players parameters are not reflecting dispersion analysis. Is this correct?


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            Michael Hesser

            Wow! I know next to nothing about football/futball/soccer, but I'm pretty impressed with all the buttons.


            One small feature that really inspired me:



            I thought this was so incredibly simple yet intuitive. I'll be using this in the future! 


            Thank you for sharing your viz! --Michael

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              Annabelle Rincon

              Hi Ryan,


              I think it's a pretty impresive Viz, and you had to pass a lot of time trying to collect the data.

              Not knowing anything about football it's quite complicated for me to enter in this topic. I think that depending on the public you target, you have to adapt it by adding some legend or title to help the navigation.

              But if it targets a person knowing the subject, it can be easier.

              I hope my comments, coming from a non football fan helps you.


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                Ryan Rowland

                Hi Luciano,


                You’re absolutely right – I’d initially planned to have the top and bottom halves of the dashboard on separate sheets but prior experience has shown me that only a small proportion of viewers look at anything but the first sheet so decided to merge them together.


                The player selection parameters as they stand now have no effect on the scatter plot (other than they trigger labels to appear under that player’s mark if it exist in the scatter.


                What would you like to see happen in the scatter plot based on player parameter selections?

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                  Ryan Rowland

                  Thanks for the feedback, Michael – much appreciated.


                  Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the default legends for continuous fields in Tableau so I tend to design my own simple variations in Photoshop ☺

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                    Ryan Rowland

                    Hi Annabelle,


                    I think you’re absolutely right. I initially built the dashboard with FPL players in mind, who shouldn’t have any trouble understanding what everything in the viz is trying to show them. However I can easily see how someone not familiar with football/FPL may get lost trying to use the dashboard.


                    I’m going to add a few information hover sheets around different areas of the dashboard to explain what each section is and what it’s intention is.


                    Thanks for the feedback ☺

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                      Luciano Vasconcelos


                      I think scatter plot should talk about players selected in parameters.

                      If not analysis become a little bit confuse.


                      Despite this little thing, it's very cool.

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                        Ryan Rowland

                        If the scatter plot were to only show the 2 players selected by the parameters it would defeat the entire purpose of the scatter plot.


                        The scatter plot is there to compare all players based on the stats selected so that the user can identify which players are the best as certain things – so they can then decide which players they want to compare in the tables at the bottom of the dashboard.


                        If I were to limit the scatter to only show the 2 players selected the scatter would only let the user know which is the better player of those 2 – ignoring the other possible 400 players that are better than both of them.

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                          Luciano Vasconcelos


                          I became confused because parameters started with the same players in scatter plot.

                          When you see, you expect the scatter plot works with parameter selection.

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                            Ryan Rowland

                            Ahh right – I’ll include the definition for labels in the scatter plot in an information hover then.


                            Basically so the scatter isn’t over-run with labels for every player, I have a calculated field setup to display labels on certain players.


                            The player with the highest ownership (Ibrahimovich)

                            The most expensive player (Aguero)

                            The player with the highest x axis value

                            The player with the highest y axis value

                            Players selected by parameters.


                            I guess it was just a poor choice on my behalf to upload the dashboard with Ibrahimovich and Aguero selected by parameters when they have labels by default because of their value and ownership.


                            You’ll notice in your screenshot that when you changed the parameter one of the players (Kolarov) you selected did have a label show up in the scatter – it’s just hidden beneath lots of other marks. Barnes doesn’t get a label as he’s not in the scatter having not played any games and not meeting the at least 200 minutes filter.




                            I’ll definitely add some info hovers to clear some of this stuff up.


                            Hope that helps.

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                              Michael Hesser



                              Could you introduce a second element in the scatter plot, one that would highlight the two selected players?

                              I think this is what Luciano Vasconcelos was getting at.


                              Your scatter plot would retain its functionality (in showing all players), yet still highlight the selected players.

                              You could do this through a couple of ways:

                              • Include labels only of the two highlighted players
                              • Create "cross hairs" (perhaps using reference lines) to target the two players. You could also use a dual axia and superimpose a cross hair image.
                              • Using a dual axis, change the outline color of the circle


                              Again, thank you for sharing your viz! --Michael

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                                Luciano Vasconcelos

                                I suggest you let information only to selected players and maybe worst and best on selected axis.

                                Your scatter plot remains the same but viewers will be able to find players selected on it.

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                                  Ryan Rowland

                                  Yeah, now I understand what Luciano was getting at I’ll find a way to highlight the parameter selected players.


                                  I’ll probably do it via labels but apply a blue label to the left player and an orange label to the right player.


                                  Hopefully that should clear up any doubt ☺

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                                    Michael Hesser

                                    And one more suggestion!

                                    When reviewing the scatter plot, could you make this an interactive way of choosing players?

                                    You could do this as a Dashboard Menu option:


                                    Choose This Player As My #1  (or Make this my Blue Player)

                                    Choose This Player As My #2 (or Make this my Orange Player)


                                    I think that would make the hunt & peck for a user's name (400!!!) much easier.