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    Coloring Issue

    Sherzodbek Ibragimov

      Dear Forum Experts,

      Initially, I have to create prior and current years for several year periods so I can use them for my formulas. For example: 2005 Headcount - 2006 Headcount - 2006 New Cohort = 2006 Non Returning Students. Then I have to compare this number with 2006 New Cohort again and their difference as the bar chart. Only thing I was able to came up with was to get Date range and attribute them to each year so I can use it for my  formula. However, now I have an issue with coloring each New Cohort, Non Returning Students and Difference Measures with separate colors. Every time, I try to change color with other measures, it applies for all of them. See pics for more details. Any ideas? Thank you guys. David Li, Jonathan Drummey, Yuriy Fal


      This is my measure values that I am using to color them. I tried to remove Measure values and replace it with a set of new