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    Looking for a way to filter a view based on aggregate data displayed in the view

    Katherine Woods

      This seems like it should be simple to do and I am somehow missing the obvious. I have a group of records with a field that can be set as "A" or "R". I aggregate the view to show the sum of "A"s and "R"s by either email address or by date. However, I want to filter the view so that it only shows rows where the field contains BOTH "A"s and "R"s for the same aggregation (email or date - see abc3 below). How can I create a calculation against the table, at the email address level, that can also be used to filter the view, removing all rows that don't fit into this requirement?


      Here is a sample of the view (without the filtering) along with a .twbx workbook with sample data.


      Thanks for the help!

      Aggregate filter.PNG