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    Changing Custom Map filters

    Timothy Rupright

      I have been working on a population map and one of the things that has been vexing me is the map scale.  I have one location (NY) with a large number of people and others with only a few.  To get around this visually, I created a logarithmic scale to use in the map coloring.  That way all the other states are not super light green.  GREAT!  Now I have various shades of green representing the number of people selected and it's not so heavily weighted by the largest group. 


      The problem is that I'd like to put the scale on the map for reference.  Unfortunately, since the scale is a logarithmic transformation, it reads 0-4.1 (for 10^4.1 power) or something like that.  Is there a way to create a map that uses a logarithmic process to space out the coloring but has values on the scale relating to the real numbers used - even a rough scale is fine.