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    Moved workbook causes issue with custom views & subscribe options

    Diana Weldon


      I'm hoping that someone has come across this issue before us.  We’re encountering a problem with a particular dashboard where users can no longer see the custom view or subscribe options along the toolbar.As an admin, I can still see it, but no users can.  What makes this stranger is that if a user goes to a different dashboard first and then opens the problem dashboard in another tab, the custom view and subscribe options reappear.  The workbook was moved ( by clicking the workbook on the server and choosing the move option) to a different project then moved back.  Workbook is secured with interactor role.  Were on Tableau 9.3.3 for Desktop, and 9.3 for Server.


      There are 10+ custom views on this workbook, and if we republish will it corrupt the views?


      Thanks for your help