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    Selecting different measures within a dimension by creating a calculated field and parameter

    Stephan Metcalfe



      I haven't managed to get this right, and I am wondering if someone can see where I have gone wrong in my process and if there is a way of solving this?


      I am trying to create a filter for the x axis on one of my graphs, which will allow a user to select a different measure within one of the dimensions. They will then be able to compare different measures against the Y axis which will stay the same.


      To get to this I have created:

      • a parameter as a string/list and included the list of values with that dimension field.
      • I have then created a calculated field with this equation IF [<Parameter>] = [<Dimension>] THEN [<Measure>] which hasn't worked. When I add this measure to the column it just comes up as a SUM value, which is not correct.
      • I have also tried this equation (This is just to illustrate one measure- I didn't include (etc.) in the equation):

      CASE [<Parameter>]

      WHEN "<List Value>"THEN [<Measure>]




      Both of these methods have not worked for me, if anyone has any potential solutions please let me know,