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    Filtering Navigation

    Mike Rodgers

      On each of my dashboards within the workbook I have a navigation chart that looks similar to this:



      Each button is just a URL action that is a hyperlink to the corresponding dashboard address.  The URL action is also passing a perimeter that is being used as a filter.   The URL would look like this:

      [worbook address]?:embed=y&:linktarget=_self&Case%20Category=FIN


      That navigation system works perfect, but what I am trying to do it is hide or filter the navigation based on the previous user selection.  So for example let’s say a user clicks FIN Efficiency the result should look like this on the FIN Efficiency tab:



      I’m stumped on how to do this.  The order of the navigation is done using an order field which is just a number and I was attempting to use that but was unsuccessful.  The navigation is using a different data source then the rest of the dashboard