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    Top 10 with % of Total Calculation

    keerthana kumar

      In the below graph I am trying  to show top 10 customer by sales and Total sales % by each category involved in each customer sale . But in my below graph when i select top 10 customers it shows extra 1 customer.

      sample top 10.PNG


      I think I am missing something in tableau calculation.

      Any help.

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          Ben Whitaker



          The issue is with the table calc. The problem is that you are not including the category in 'compute using'. The index will be splitting up your bars in the table calc and wrongly assigning the index value as you can see in the attached 'Issue' tab. If you change the table calc on the filter to compute using both customer name and categroy (in that order) and change at the level to customer name, that should resolve it.


          Hope this helps.





          Edit: I realised in my previous version I applied the same table calc to the sales pill as well which messed up the percent of total. This version should work...