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    TabJolt Issue

    Minority Minority

      Hi All,


      i encountered the following error message while trying to run ViewInteractVizLoadTest.jmx test plan.


      ERROR [2016-09-28 11:05:03,445][InteractVizThreadGroup 2-1] com.tableausoftware.test.server.tabObjects.Viz (Viz.java:1035)   - java.lang.Exception: Invalid resp body when calling setSheetId!


      Please help.



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          Russell Christopher

          try setting the ForceLogin property inside PerfTestConfig.yaml to true.

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            Minority Minority

            Thanks so much Russell.

            My current environment has 2 servers - web server and app server (Tableau Server).

            I'm currently running TabJolt on a pc connecting to web server, just to retrieve response time.

            May I check with you - if i use ViewInteractVizLoadTest.jmx test plan, will i still be able to retrieve response time even though my pc is not directly connected to app server?


            I'm encountering issues when i use ViewInteractVizLoadTest.jmx test plan.


            ERROR [2016-09-28 16:40:11,435][InteractVizThreadGroup 2-1] com.tableausoftware.test.server.perfTestSuite.ViewVizTest (InteractVizTest.java:95)   - Failed to finish View Viz Test. Site: TestSite; Workbook: PerformanceTestSample; View: SAPPerNo; IsPublic: false;  Exception: java.lang.Exception: Invalid VQL response from server after performing SelectInteraction interaction. Response:

            LogicException: Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed.



            However, i'm able to run ViewVizLoadTest test plan with no issue.


            Please advise. Many thanks.

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              Russell Christopher

              Sorry, I don't understand. What is the "Web Server" that you're talking about? TabJolt should be pointed at Tableau Server (more specifically, a node of Tableau running the Gateway process) , not an arbitrary web server. Your web server won't know what to do with a request from TabJolt. Or by "Web Sever" do you mean a node of Tableau Server?


              The message above indicates that TabJolt didn't know how consume the response that Tableau Server sent it when an interact task occurred against this specific viz. If you search this sub for "TabJolt" and "Unexpected Error", you'll see several discussions of the issue. Try a more simple (sample) workbook to verify that TabJolt does indeed work, and then try to simplify yours.