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    Getting Started Video - connecting data - conflicting view?

    Rebel Bailey



      I'm new so hopefully posting in the right place.


      I've been watching the getting started video and for some reason the view I have in Tableau (9.2) is different from that from the video.


      I'm only 2 minutes in and I already can't follow along   because I'm not sure how to connect the two sample datasheets.  This is a very poor user experience.   I also tried searching for the answer but no luck so far.


      I've attached an image to provide more information.


      Please help!

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          Kaushik Mallampati

          Hello Bailey,


          The getting started video you were watching might be from newer versions of Tableau (newer versions of Tableau like Tableau 10).

          As new versions of are getting released, there will be visual overhaul in Tableau from time to time for better user-experience.


          Still all functions in the older versions of tableau will be present in the newer versions too but in different way.


          It might be a little difficult to place all these options for a while but once you get a hang of it, It will be very easy in the newer versions


          Download Tableau Desktop 10 so that you will be in sync with the training videos.





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            Matthijs Blenkers



            Like Kaushik Mallampati says: the video's are based on V10. If it's possible within your organisation, get an upgrade to v10.


            The main difference between v9.2 & v10 in your print screen is that v10 has the possibilty to connect to multiple databases. If I understand you correct, you're a new user who want's to play/experiance the wonders of Tableau. I that case you can connect to the sample excelfile in your repository. The file has three tabs which you can use and join. Just 'drag and drop' the sheets from the right side of your screen into the (white) pane.

            After that the video fot V10 is mostly compatible (in options) with v9.2.


            good luck (and much fun)!