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    Simple table with two different metrics per month on columns and different people on lines, how?

    Allan Franke

      Hi everyone,


      I have a very simple table that I need to make (data as text only for now):

      -Lines with a hierarchy: Team name, supervisor name, employee name (this is working)

      -Columns with: Month and within each month I have two different metrics (which I need KPI indicators for, but I'll try that after this is working)


      So if I drag both metrics to marks I get this (this is an excel export but you get the picture...I need the metric 1 and 2 to be below EACH month)

      TABLEAU 1.jpg


      So I tried to use Metrics as columns (text), but then I get this below (all I want is to perfectly straight columns with my metrics under each month without invisible bars or whatever Tableau tries to do AND column titles on TOP):

      tableau 2.jpg


      Any help? If you can link me some training material that explains this I can take a look as well...I was reading about axis merging and header lifting but that's too complicated for such a simple setup...