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    Calculated constant

    Steffen Nielsen

      I have struggled with an issue for quite some time now.


      I am trying to create what you might call a calculated constant, or something similar. I am trying to create a constant that I can use across multiple rows, that are independant of the data on that particular row.

      I can create a Parameter with just a constant in it - however I want to control the constant using som calculation.


      Anyone have an idea on how to do that?


      Lets say I have a dataset with the following columns: Year, Color, Sector, Income and cost.

      Where "Color" can contain: "Green", "Blue", "Red" and Sector can contain e.g. "Retail", "Trade", "Housing", "Agriculture".


      Say I want to display the income in all the sectors (down) and year (across) (not split by color). I then want to add the the "green" income/cost-ratio in year 2016 to all rows. How can I do that?


      I can add the color dimension and note down the ratio for the green (e.g. 150) and just create a parameter with the constant value of 150 and add it to my table - but I want it to be dynamic to a certain degree.


      I tried to do a calculated field with some "Fixed" dimensions - but that does not do the job.


      Is this possible, or will I have to add a new datasource where I have grouped the data as I want?