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    Pivot report calculation based on current and previos values

      DATE filter format  :start date and End date
      Visualsation is displayed in ther below format
      Current GP12345
      1current countprevcountprevcountprevcountprevcount
      2prevcountcurrent countprevcountprevcountprevcount
      3prevcountprevcountcurrent countprevcountprevcount
      4prevcountprevcountprevcountcurrent countprevcount
      5prevcountprevcountprevcountprevcountcurrent count
      For example : lets us take User ID : 11111 .    His last record is August 2016 and his current gp  is 1
      expected result: Is to show Compare max month record with all the previous month
      Logic:compare max current gp  of august to Previous gp july , if plan groups is same it should say "0" else "1"
      logic:comparing MAX (currentGp) with all the previous Gp and getting the count