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    Regarding Fiscal weeks in Tableau for the year 2016.

    Nishant Dwivedi

      For 2016 year the Fiscal Week start(FW-01) Should be from 04th January to 09th January. But Tableau Is taking FW-01 start from 1st january itself and showing 01st Jan, 2nd Jan & 3rd Jan as FW-01. See this below picture.

      My requirement is to have a Fiscal Week start(FW-01) from 04th January to 10th January  and so on for the year 2016.

      Where as for 2015 it is perfectly fine as there are Four days in first week of the month January so tableau is rightly taking it as FW-01 first four days as FW-01.

      Can anyone help me out on this one. Its quite urgent for me. Thanks In Advance..

      Fiscal week issue.JPG