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    Total from Blended Data Sources

    Chris Soriano

      I need to get a count of all activities logged by our users. However, these activities are logged in 4 different data sources: Appointments, Emails, Phone calls, and Tasks. They all have one thing in common, user id. I was able to create a relationship between all of them and used Emails as the primary source. However, when I tried to create a formula field to get a running total of all activities by user, I only received totals for users who logged a record against each of the four activity type.



      Here's my formula for # of activities:


      SUM([# of Emails])+sum([TS5001_CData_MSD_Appointments].[# of Appts])+sum([TS5001_CData_MSD_Phone Calls].[# of Calls])+sum([TS5001_CData_MSD_Tasks].[# of Tasks])


      How do I get Tableau to calculate the total for all columns irrespective of type of activity entered?

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          Allan Marcus

          I don't think you are using the term "running total" correctly. A running total is like a balance for a checkbook.


          Have you tried just using the Analysis menu, totals, Show Grand Totals?

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            Chris Soriano

            Yes, it only shows the total for each column, but not for each row.


            I actually just want to show the Total. I've added the other column fields, Appts, Emails, Phone Calls, and Tasks just to QA.

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              Chris Soriano

              I was able to get help and resolve this issue:


              Tableau skips records that have a NULL value. I needed to create a calculated field that tells Tableau not to skip a record because it contains NULL values. To do that, I created a calculated field for each activity type:


              # of Calls

              IFNULL(SUM([TS5001_CData_MSD_Phone Calls].[# of Calls]),0)


              # of Emails

              IFNULL(sum([Number of Records]),0)


              # of Appts

              IFNULL((SUM([TS5001_CData_MSD_Appointments].[# of Appts])),0)


              # of Tasks

              IFNULL((SUM([TS5001_CData_MSD_Tasks].[# of Tasks])),0)


              # of Activities

              [# of Emails] + [# of Appts] + [# of Calls] + [# of Tasks]

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                sivasangari Chinnappa

                Hi Chris,


                When there is no data in particular type of activity, it will be treated as null. Hence when we add null with a numeric data it gives no result. Try to use zn function so as to convert all null to zeros.


                zn(sum([emails) + zn(sum([[TS5001_CData_MSD_Appointments].[# of Appts]) + zn(sum([TS5001_CData_MSD_Phone Calls].[# of Calls])) + Zn(sum([TS5001_CData_MSD_Tasks].[# of Tasks])).


                Please find attached the workbook for better explanation.

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