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    Protecting data - How to hide cell values less than 5

    Aubrey Schrader

      I use tableau at work to work with various data types, including sensitive personal data that should only be shared in an aggregated format.  I am trying to find a way to protect private information by hiding the cell value when it is less than 5.  This way when users drill down they don't actually drill down to an individual person or small group that could be identified. 



      I know some people have used window_max to restrict the total number of records, but this is not suitable for my purposes as I need to restrict values on the cell level.  Because the categories are unevenly distributed, there could be a large number of records and still a combination in the table small enough to disclose privileged data.



      For what it is worth, I am using multiple measures and can't just filter on number of records.  Thank you to anyone who has the time to help!